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I am the owner of AB Education & Behavior Consulting, LLC.

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Anthony Bronaugh Sr. is the owner of AB Education & Behavior Consulting, LLC. AB Education & Behavior Consulting helps schools and organizations to achieve at their highest level using applied behavior analysis techniques along with social and emotional learning. The firm coaches and assists first- and second-year teachers, administrators, and students struggling with behavioral concerns. It trains on social and emotional learning, parental involvement strategies, and overall school climate and culture.

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Human Behaviour
September 21, 2022

Variations in Human behaviour

Human behavior is a collective expression of a person’s capacity to respond to environmental or genetic stimuli. Genetic and environmental factors play a crucial role in shaping human behavior. The following article will explore the characteristics of human behavior and discuss the impact of technology on human behavior. This article will focus on human behavior […]

August 29, 2022

The Importance of Dedicated Work

Dedicated work reflects the effort of a person or team to meet an employer’s needs and expectations. They arrive on time, perform additional tasks, and think of ways to improve their productivity. In addition, dedicated employees are willing to volunteer for complex tasks. They may even offer assignments other employees don’t want to do. Devoted […]

May 9, 2022

How to Maintain Consistency and Develop Self-Discipline

    Learning how to be disciplined may be difficult, particularly for those who have little or no previous experience in the area. Keeping to a routine and following rules without being inspired by anything else might be challenging. The key to learning how to be disciplined is to put your attention on what you […]

April 18, 2022

Motivational speeches that are written might be really effective.

      In Anthony Bronaugh’s opinion, in order to make a lasting impression at a forthcoming event, written motivational speeches can be an excellent approach to advertise your brand and motivate your audience at the same time. When giving a speech, avoid using a boring one-way lecture structure, which can cause the audience to […]

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